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  1. Why network?


  2. Basic types of networks.
    Client Server

    Central systems (servers) supply various services and resources to user systems (clients).

    Peer to Peer

    Services and resources shared among equals (peers).

  3. Protocols
    • NetBeui


    • IPX/SPX


    • TCP/IP


  4. Physical network types. [Ethernet only]
    • "ThickNet", 10Base5
        Bus Topology
        1/2 in. coax
        "N" connectors
        large interface boxes
        AUI drop cables
        "vampire" taps
        Terminators required
        500 meter max. run end-to-end


    • "ThinNet", 10Base2
        Bus Topology
        1/4 in. coax
        "BNC" connectors
        T connectors
        Terminators required
        200 meter max. run end-to-end


    • UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair, 10BaseT, 100BaseTX
        Hub and Spoke (star) Topology
        4 Pair Phone wire
        "RJ45" connectors
        Hub required for more than 2 stations
        100 meter max. run hub to PC


    • Type of network to use


    • PC types [processor, bus, open slots (types)]


    • NIC's [Network Interface Card] have/need


    • PC Locations / Cable Runs


    • Hub location [if required]


    • Make your list of needed parts


    • Gather needed parts



  6. Put it all together [Feb 5th HERE]


  7. ENJOY!


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